Annotation Services

Accurate annotations for better data insights

Annotation services are essential for machine learning and AI applications that rely on high-quality labelled data. That's why we offer various annotation services to help businesses generate high-quality labelled data for their machine learning and AI projects. Our experienced annotators can handle everything from image and video annotation to natural language processing and data labelling. We use the latest annotation tools and techniques to ensure accuracy and efficiency so that you can confidently train your models.

What Are Annotation Services ?

Annotation services involve adding metadata to data sets to make them more accessible and usable. This process is crucial for businesses that rely on large data sets to train machine learning algorithms or conduct research. Annotation services can help companies classify data, label images, and automatically generate metadata.


Annotation services are essential for businesses that need to analyze and process vast amounts of data quickly. For example, a retail company may use annotation services to label images of products, enabling customers to search for products using specific keywords. Annotation services are also used in the healthcare industry to classify patient records and identify patterns in medical data.

How Can Annotation Services Benefit Your Business ?

There are several benefits of using annotation services for your business:

  • Enhanced Data Quality : Annotation services ensure your data is correctly labelled, classified, and structured. This process improves the quality of your data and makes it easier to analyze and use.
  • Increased Efficiency : By outsourcing your annotation needs, you can free up your team's time to focus on core business functions. Annotation services can process large amounts of data quickly and efficiently, enabling you to make data-driven decisions faster.
  • Improved Accuracy : Annotation services use advanced algorithms and human verification to label your data accurately. This process minimizes errors and ensures your data sets are reliable and consistent.
  • Scalability : Annotation services can handle large volumes of data, making them ideal for businesses that process vast amounts of information.

Types of Annotations

Machine learning requires annotation. We use advanced tools and human-powered skills to make every image easy to recognize for computers or machines using computer vision. We can annotate and label data and different objects such as cars, humans, or animals. We can use the different annotation modes depending on the client's needs.

  • Semantic Segmentation : Semantic segmentation is a method that solves the vision problem of an old computer. It involves taking 2D images as input and converting them into a mask, combining parts of different photos to solve the computer vision problem.
  • Polygon Annotation Polygonal or polygonal segmentation annotates irregular and coarse objects in asymmetrical forms. They allow you to capture large images such as aerial photography and allow for more precise annotation. To create sharper, more accurate vision models for aerial imagery, annotate your images using bounding polygons with a higher precision level.
  • Bounding Box : For in-depth recognition of objects, such as humans, cars, or objects on the street, use bounding boxes to outline them. Depending on the quantity and quality of your data, we use either a 2D or 3D bounding boxes annotation tool. We will train autonomous vehicles to ensure quality to recognize these objects using proper tagging.
  • Polylines Annotation : Detect lane lines on roads and assist autonomous cars in moving in the correct direction.
  • Bounding Box : A popular way to classify objects in images and videos for retail, robots, autonomous vehicles, and Machine Learning needs.
  • Landmark Annotation : To determine the form of natural objects such as facial features, emotions, and expressions, you need to plot a series of points correctly.
  • 3D Cuboid Annotation : To better view, the object, capture it in a 3D cuboid. Then create a detailed model to provide more information.

How Can OutEverything Help Your Business ?

OutEverything is a leading provider of annotation services, offering a wide range of solutions to help businesses of all sizes. Some of the services provided by OutEverything include:

  • Image Annotation : OutEverything can label images with metadata to make them searchable and accessible. This service is ideal for e-commerce businesses that need to categorise products and enable customers to find them easily.
  • Text Annotation: OutEverything can annotate text data to extract meaningful insights and identify patterns. This service is ideal for businesses that must analyse large amounts of text data, such as customer reviews or social media posts.
  • Audio and Video Annotation : OutEverything can annotate audio and video data to make it more accessible and searchable. This service is ideal for businesses analysing vast amounts of audio and video data, such as media companies or streaming services.
  • Custom Annotation : OutEverything can create custom annotation solutions tailored to your business needs. This service is ideal for businesses that require unique annotation solutions for their data sets.

OutEverything uses advanced algorithms and human verification to ensure your data is accurately labelled and structured. The company's annotation services are scalable, cost-effective, and designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Conclusion, Annotation services are critical to modern data science and machine learning projects. These services help businesses label data, add metadata, and create structured data sets, enabling them to make data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently.