Annotation Services


Machine learning requires annotation. We use advanced tools and human-powered skills to make every image easy to recognise for computers or machines using computer vision. We can annotate and label data and different objects such as cars, humans, or animals. We can use the different annotation modes depending on the client's needs.



Semantic segmentation is a method that solves the vision problem of an old computer. It involves taking 2D images as input and converting them into a mask, combining parts of different photos to solve the computer vision problem.



Polygonal or polygonal segmentation annotates irregular and coarse objects in asymmetrical forms. They allow you to capture large images such as aerial photography and allow for more precise annotation. To create sharper, more accurate vision models for aerial imagery, annotate your images using bounding polygons with a higher precision level.



For in-depth recognition of objects, such as humans, cars, or objects on the street, use bounding boxes to outline them. Depending on the quantity and quality of your data, we use either a 2D or 3D bounding boxes annotation tool. We will train autonomous vehicles to ensure quality to recognise these objects using proper tagging.

Semantic Segmentation

A process of image annotation, where images get divided into multiple segments used for healthcare and autonomous vehicles.


Polylines Annotation

Detect lane lines on roads and assist autonomous cars in moving in the correct direction.


Bounding Box

A popular way to classify objects in images and videos for retail, robots, autonomous vehicles, and Machine Learning needs.


Landmark Annotation

To determine the form of natural objects such as facial features, emotions, and expressions, you need to plot a series of points correctly.


3D Cuboid Annotation

To better view, the object, capture it in a 3D cuboid. Then create a detailed model to provide more information.


Our Image Annotation service covers many industries that use AI-based and machine learning-based business models. We cover all aspects of eCommerce, retail, and healthcare with the same dedication and quality.


Self Driving

A process for computerised vision learning in autonomous vehicle driving.


Health Care

Annotated medical imaging allows for the diagnosis and analysis of diseases.


AI in Retail

Vision-based inspection using for eCommerce and retail stores.


Autonomous Flying

Drones are used primarily for aerial view capturing and object identification drones.



As robot arms for material handling in warehouses or assembly plants.



Mainly used for keeping an eye on the objects using automated security cameras.


Satellite Imagery

Useful for satellite images for smart cities and urban management.



Useful in agriculture as a robotics tool for soil monitoring, crop harvesting and yield analysis.